torsdag 30 oktober 2008


Sorry for the delay in updates in the blog this week, but shit (or more like work) happens.

One thing that was far from shit was the boulder competition down in Sundsvall this weekend.

As usuall the boulder problems at Grönborg where good. I most point out my envy the quality of the easier problems.. I never seem to be able to get that much fun out of the easy problems I build myself.

The harder problems were also really good I must say, especially considering that most of them where built by people using no chalk and sneakers! Just being close on some of them made my day.

A big big up to all of the junior climbers from Umeå, they were climbing like on drugs! Annother big up to Petra who made it possible for the juniors to get down from Umeå to compete and also for winning the womens class (and being 5th total).

You can find the result list at the sundsvall climbing club homepage.

I'm still looking forward to see some photos from the comp (I forgot my camera in the car..).

Well.. now it is back to work.. but this weekend will be all climbing.. staring early tomorrow :)

2 kommentarer:

Petra sa...

Och ett stort grattis till bloggaren himself som klättrade så många problem att han vann herrklassen big time.

Linkan sa...

Tackar Petra!

Och jag får faktiskt båda gratulera och be om ursäkt till Olof.. det är precis som du sa dålig stil att vinna med sån liten marginal ;)